Home Improvement Trends for 2014

Javi Calderon

Home Improvement Trends for 2014

Mobile technology is the big buzz item of the last decade. With the boom of social media and social media marketing, every industry across the country is looking for ways to implement social aspects and mobile technology into the core of their businesses in meaningful ways. The home improvement industry is no different. 

Just like the news industry is being forced to adopt social media norms to their products in order to stay relevant, home owners are now looking for the same kind of application of technology in the multiple systems around the house. 

Obviously, the home technology trend started with the combination and streamlining of TV and internet. Now we can watch our favorite TV shows online, and even surf the web on our TVs. Gadgets like Apple TV, the Hopper, and Xbox One are taking the unified entertainment platform to even another level. This home technology evolution has inspired others that are now starting to take off. 

Here are a few home systems that can now be controlled via mobile technology: 

  1. Home Security. With a couple taps on your smartphone you can now check the locks on your front door and windows, and even close your garage. You can set your home alarm after you’ve left the house, or even while you’re on vacation. Be notified when someone opens the door, and even view your home security cameras to see who’s home. Having a mobile-controlled home security system can give you great peace of mind while you are out of the house.
  2. Energy Use. One of the other major trends of the last decade is green energy and energy conservation. Today, your home’s heating and cooling, and electrical systems can all be managed and automated by smartphone. You can turn your lights, or even turn up the heat while on your way home with a touch of your phone. While this can run you a pricey monthly fee, the savings in energy costs might even the costs out in the long run. Certainly the environment will thank you…. In its own way.   
  3. Kitchen Appliances. The kitchen has been the heart of the home for centuries. In the age of mobile technology, the kitchen has become the center of the smart house as well. Smart ovens and dishwashers have sensors in them to help do their jobs more evenly and efficiently. Even faucets and refrigerators have been given dramatic technology upgrades.

Whether you’re looking to streamline and simplify the many systems round the house, or you’re a tech junkie that always has to be on the cutting edge, turning to smart house technology is the wave of the future in home improvement.  

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